Relay attenuator for Piano, Piano 2.1, Boss DACs. Nominal value is 10k. Simply plug in above your DAC and then take the output attenuated by relays switching, to thin film 0.1% 25ppm SUSUMU audio grade resistors.

Allo Relay Attenuator

SKU: 05070003
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  • TouseitwithPiano,Piano2.1,BossDAC:simplyplugitontopofthem,andenabletheDAC.Itissuggestedtoset Volume of the DAC to 100 before enabling the Allo Relay Volume Attenuator Plugin and to set the Piano 2.1 in dual stereo mode. To use it with any analog source: simply plug the analog output you want to controling the inputs of Allo Relay Attenuator and connect its output to your amplifier. This is extremely useful is your USB DAC does not have Hardware Volume control, and you use it with your Raspberry PI. Please note: to use the Allo Relay Attenuator directly on the Raspberry PI you need GPIO spacers, since the Allo Relay Volume Attenuator is not HAT compliant.



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