Volt amp is a class D amplifier. The board is a high quality implementation of the stock design.

- Using TPA3118 (better grounding of main IC)

- Anti-Pop circuit

- Bootstrap snubber mod

- Brand name components as per picture

- Radio avoidance switch (to reduce interference)

- PCB with extra copper (since on transient’s current can spike to 5A)

Allo Volt

  • More info can be found in product brochure.  

  • This class D amplifier goes up to 2 x 50W Max.

    The components used are specifically designed for high end audio devices (Würth Inductor, TI chipset, film capacitors and ± 1% thin film resistors)

    VOLT AMP boasts 4 output filters, 4 EMI Snubbers, 4 bootstrap capacitors and gain setting components and Additional Provision for stepped attenuator volume control.


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