Volt+ D amp is a dual mono class D amplifier.

Capacitor on audio path are film capacitors. It has a beefed up  power supply and  a very good inductor on the output stage.

On the bottom you can chose the gain (20 and 26) as well as AM bandwidth avoidance circuit.å

Overall the Volt+D will double the power available to your speaker, THD+N is better and sound quality is improved as well. The stepped attenuator is included.

(Power available depends on PSU voltage, formula is V square / R, so for a 23v its about 60W per channel).

Allo Volt + D Amp

SKU: 05014401
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    • 2 x 60W Dual mono class D
    • Mute switch
    • 20dB/26dB gain switch
    • Power Connector Jack Barrel size: 3.00mm ID (0.118"), 6.50mm OD (0.256")
    • Gold plated RCA and Speaker terminals10K 24 position stepped attenuator
    • 5mm acrylic case


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