The Brio has a completely new case to house its improved circuits and parts. It now sits in a fully aluminium two-part case which boosts the Brio’s heat sinking capabilities and improves on Rega’s already solid build quality and reliability.

Rega Brio Amplifier

SKU: 02010128
  • Brand new case design.

    The sleek and minimal look was designed to bring elegance to Rega’s classic style but still harks back to the swooped features hidden away in Rega’s past amplifiers. Combining all these aspects makes this Brio case a unique standpoint amongst the competition.


    Re-designed circuit.

    Key improvements have been made to the circuits. The PCB layout has been fully upgraded to handle higher specifications for all critical parts. A second raw power supply has been added to provide further isolation between output stage and the driver stage/line and phono amplifiers. This improves the isolation between high and low level signal stages of the amplifier. Higher specification MUSES operational amplifiers have been used in the line and phono amplifier.

  • Specifications

    Input sensitivities for rated output level:

    Input 1 (phono) input sensitivity = 2.1mV at 47KΩ in parallel with 220pF.

    Maximum Input 1 (phono) input level = 100mV

    Input 2-5 (line) input sensitivity = 210mV at 47kΩ

    Maximum input 2-5 (line) input level = 10.25V


    Power outputs at 230/115V supply voltage:

    50 Watts RMS both channels driven into the rated load of 8Ω

    58 Watts RMS one channel driven into the rated load of 8Ω

    73 Watts RMS both channels driven into the rated load of 4Ω

    93 Watts RMS one channel driven into the rated load of 4Ω


    Continued high level use into 4Ω may cause the case to exceed 40° C above the ambient temperature.


    Headphone output:

    No load = 8V

    32Ω = 1.8V

    54Ω = 2.6V

    300Ω = 5.9V

    Source impedance = 109Ω


    Power consumption:

    195 Watts at 230V/220V/115V/100V into the rated load of 8Ω

    Frequency response:

    Phono 15Hz to 40KHz (-3dB Points) / 27Hz to 20.5KHz (-1dB Points)

    RIAA accuracy (100Hz to 10KHz) ± 0.4dB typically better than ± 0.3dB

    Line 12Hz (-1dB points) to 43KHz (-3dB points)

    Remote control batteries included – 2 x AAA Alkaline.



    345mm (D) -inc volume control x 216mm (W) x 78mm (H)