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Sophisticated, involving sound and exceptional value for money.


The Equator Achromatic is of course fitted with our Achromatic non-magnetic RCA plug. The low-mass Achromatic connector features a precision calibrated cold-weld connection, creating a coherent, continuous signal path. The signal conductor is now high purity OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) copper encased with a superbly constructed double screen to provide maximum resistance to RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), which can raise noise levels in a poorly shielded cable.


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The result is a beautifully balanced interconnect which offers a large three dimensional soundstage and fine levels of resolution without any sense of exaggerated ‘detail’ which is superficially impressive but quickly fatiguing to listen to.


The Equator range includes subwoofer, interconnect, streaming and speaker cables.

Atlas Equator Achromatic RCA cable

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