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-- The plinth is made from a lightweight laminate, using polyurethane foam as it's core.

-- Isolation feet made from santoprene rubber and reinforced by aluminium.

-- Ultra-low friction brass hub for the bearing, which is anchored to the plinth using a machined aluminium collar.

-- The sub-platter is part of the bearing assembly and is a single piece of machined aluminium – this improves speed stability, compared with ordinary plastic types.

-- The platter is made from dual layer float glass, which also improves speed stability due to increased platter mass, which increases the flywheel effect.

-- Features a 24V motor with an aluminium pulley.

-- External power supply unit which includes a precision speed controller for improved speed stability.

-- The power supply unit is precision matched and tuned to the motor, for each individual turntable.

-- The power supply unit incorporates push button speed selection for 33.3RPM and 45RPM.

-- Using a separate power supply reduces the chance of noise entering the turntable and keeps delicate low-level signals away from sources of potential interference.

-- Fitted with a high-quality precision tone-arm with it's mounting braced to the bearing housing.

-- Supplied with a smoked polystyrene dust cover and is suitable for use with MC, MM, or other cartridges (cartridge not supplied with Exposure 360 Turntable).

Exposure 360 turntable

First three customer are eligible for a brand new cartridge!
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