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AUDIOSCAPE is a Hi-Fi shop (Audioscape d.o.o.) from Maribor, Slovenia.

Some would say we sell new and second-hand hi-fi equipment. Others might think we organize courses or that we are enthusiastic about do-it-yourself. They are right, but we are also here for you because you love listening to good music, you know the importance of hands-on experience and you want to spend your equipment budget wisely.

We are here to help you rethink your ideas about music, hi-fi and learning and it doesn't matter if you are 11 and a half (yes, a half matters) or if you bought your first LP in 1948. Come visit us and see (come and hear might be more appropriate) – we'll do our best to put a smile on your face.

Več informacij: +386 51 272 432

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