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Features: robust power supply and power, could use as pure power amplifier, timbre is superior than A600. After Xindak released the A600E integrated amplifier, it is said highly by our customer both in domestic and foreign market. Xindak improved the machine and released advanced A600E(09) integrated amplifier. The unit adopt 240000uF filtering capacitance, it has very low internal resistance. That makes the driving force and dynamic expressing of the unit become perfect.

Xindak A600E integrated amplifier

SKU: 8010102
  • Features:

    • Serious improved version based on the famous A600
    • Can be used as a pure power amplifier
    • Dual mono symmetrical current feedback amplification design
    • Ultra high current output and stunning control power
    • Tremendous 240000uF filtering capacitance for huge power supply
    • Low inner resistance for perfect performance
    • Great mechanical structure including purple copper heat sinkers
    • Wide frequency response and high S/N ratio characteristics
    • High stability, reliability and ultra long life
    • 3 staged Darlington amplification circuit
    • 1st stage: MJE350/MJE340; 2nd stage: MJE15031/MJE15030
    • 8 pairs of high current Sanken 2SA1295/2SC3264 output transistors
    • Specially made huge monster like toroidal transformer
    • Peak current of each channel can reach 68A
    • Wonderful musical expressions, rich details and excellent sound stage
    • 4 pairs of gold plated speaker terminals for easy biwiring connections
    • Detachable power cord system (IEC)
  • S/N Ratio ≥95dB

    THD <0.03%(1KHz, 30W, 8Ω)

    Number of Channels 2

    Frequency Response 10Hz~100KHz (-0.5dB)

    Input RCA*3, XLR*1

    Rated Output Power 160W(8Ω)/320W(4Ω)

    Panel color Black

    Remote Control Supported

    Net Weight 116 lbs., (53Kg)

    Shipping Weight 165 lbs., (75Kg)

    Dimensions (W*H*D) 450mm*220mm*596mm

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