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Xindak XA6800R (II) adopts a new look and internals. It is a pure class A integrated amplifier designed with high standards in mind for our customers to enjoy their preferred music.

Xindak XA6800R2 integrated amplifier

SKU: 8010104
  • Derived from the XA6800R, internals are made of carefully selected components with both objectives to improve sound performance and reliability. Operating as a pure class A amplifier, good heat dissipation is ensured through the design of copper heat conduction bridges on both sides of the amplifier. Not only does this provide a stable and reasonable operating temperature, but it enhances the power output. A symmetric design completes the picture around an R type power supply of excellent properties. These are few examples of details attached to the building and circuit design of this new integrated amplifier.

  • S/N Ratio ≥93dB(A计权)

    THD ≤0.03%

    Input Impedance 33K

    Output Impedance 4-16Ω

    Power Consumption 300W

    Input Sensitivity 395mV

    Frequency Response 10Hz-100KHz(±1db)

    Input 4*RCA,1*USB

    Rated Output Power 30W+30W(Class A)

    Net Weight 19KG

    Dimensions (W*H*D) 430*410*140

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